EI Balance. EI-2000 Balancing machine


EI-2000 is a Balancing Machine ideal for almost all kind of rotating parts weighting between 50 and 2000 kg such as rollers, motor rotors, crankshafts, mills among others. EI-2000 Balancing machine uses a soft bearing system built using light and resistant materials in order to decrease inertia.

  • Single and two planes balancing
  • Variable speed (Optional with an inverter)
  • Adjustable pulleys
  • Three liberty axes for each pedestal to set free movements.
  • Manual adjust for power transmission and supports distance.
  • Bearing based soft bearing system to avoid mechanical looseness
  • Axial supports
  • Cantilever bearing support
  • Easy calibration


Technical specifications
Max load: 2000 kg (4400 lb)
Dimensions: 1981 x 1016 x 1219 mm (78 x 40 x 48 in)
Weight: 260 kg (572 lb)
Max rotor diameter: 1700 mm (67 in)
Max load per support: 1000 kg (2200 lb)
Max displacement 0 to peak: 25 mm (1 in)
Max shaft diameter: 152 mm (6 in)
Min length: 177 mm (7 in)
Max length: 1700 mm (67 in)
Motor speed: 1800 RPM /60 Hz (inverter optional)
Power transmission: Belt
Lubrication: Type I (manual)
Precision: ± 0.01 mm/s
Sensitivity: 330 mV/G
ISO 2953 Unbalance reduction per sequence: 97 %
Residual unbalance: 2 gmm / 100 kg rotor
Motor: 3.8 kW AC (5 hp)
Electrical features: 220/440 V, 3 Phases, 4 Poles

On the main screen, the
system has particular data of
the measured signal as:

  • Maximum amplitude
  • RMS value
  • Tachometer
  • Polar Graphs
  • Real-time graph
    amplitude vs time
  • FFT graphs (Frequency graphs)

This allows users to have complete description of the machine's vibration, and at the same time how the unbalance vibration is being reduced.

FFT calculations

Fast Fourier Transform The EI-BALANCE performs its calculations using the Fast Fourier transform (FFT). The resolution of the spectra is adjustable and you can choose up to several million lines of resolution.


  • Frequency accuracy of 99.9% with a 10 second sample
  • Measurement window (defined by the user)
  • Harmonics, Hz and CPM
  • 1600 Points FFT on real time, 30 000 on basic recording and adjustable up to 1 000 000
Balancing Calculator
Balancing Calculator

EI-BALANCE has a calculator for single and two planes balancing; this calculator uses the influence coefficients method. Therefore it is not necessary to establish the dimensions of your rotor and their bearings position (cantilever, distance between bearings, etc.)



  • Single plane balancing
  • 2 plane balancing split weights
  • Split weights
  • Combine weights
  • Depth drills
  • Plate sizes
  • Trial mass
  • Radius changing
  • Serial balancing (no trial mass needed)
  • Residual unbalance and Quality calculator
Balancing calculator for one and two planes and several tools related to balancing

Roller support with two positions
allowing different shaft diameters


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